Can Local Clothes Designers Go International

A question that lurks in the minds of local clothes designers is that whether they can showcase their designs on an international standards. Well, a dream for every designer, to become the likes of big shots in designer world, the question is quite appealing. Ask any designer student and you will see the bright blush in her or his eyes about going international with their designs!

Nevertheless, a small analysis shows that though expensive, yet there are chances for a particular designer to go international. Several local clothing stores do a wonderful business and they also come up with amazing designs, never seen before. You walk down the New York street or Manhattan street, you will come across about a dozen of local clothing stores with amazing designs of clothes, designed by local designers. So what takes a local designer to go international.

The main challenge is the involvement of huge amounts of money. If a person has money and skills, then he or she surely hits big international. The cost of an international launch may vary any where between 1 million to 3 million. Excellent showcasing, proper advertising, proper presentation, all these surely eats up a lot of dollars. So does that mean that if a person has about a million, can he or she become international designers?

Well, apart from having huge amounts of dollars, its also equally important to have the right skill set. Someone might just say that on the top, there might not be much competition. Well, this is a great myth. On the top international level, there is heavy competition and hence awesome skill set is required. At least money can be arranged by someone sponsoring you etc, however skill set of a designer is something within him or her. That cannot be bought or provided by someone else.

So its no big deal hitting international if you got the right talent and huge pocket! And if you got these two, just go for the big game!