Children’s Fashion Clothes and Bags

As someone who cares about fashion and style, you will want your child to look just as stylish as you. Children may be messy, but they do appreciate beautiful clothes. Children also like to feel special, and wearing well-crafted designer clothes will certainly let them feel special.

Below is a selection of designer clothes for children. The designers featured are also well-known makers of beautiful bags and other accessories, so you and your child can shop together.

Gucci has a wonderful line of children’s clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories for both girls and boys. All situations are covered, from pretty party dresses to casual shorts, t-shirts, jeans and other accessories to let the youngster share the pride in top quality boy’s and girl’s needs.

A wonderful choice for a girl would be the beautiful orange tote with interlocking G detail. This bag is leather and small enough for a child to carry. It is also very pretty and will go with almost anything, from a formal dress to a casual t-shirt with shorts. The rust colored leather belt with bamboo buckle would go particularly well with that bag.

Gucci did not limit themselves to girls; their boy’s line is equally beautiful. If you want your boy to match your own impeccable taste, you could choose the handsome GG Supreme Canvas school bag. This bag is a perfect example of a bag design as it combines functionality with superb style. The bag is beige and blue canvas with leather trim. Adjustable straps make it very easy to carry, a very important feature for a school bag. The bag would go really well with a pair of leather high top sneakers in navy, red and white leather. These sneakers are extremely comfortable and stylish.

Another fashion house that does both the adult and children’s fashion equally well is Burberry. Their lines are stylish and excellently suited to children’s needs. The Heart Shaped Exploded Check bag is the perfect example of their design. The bag is fairly small but big enough for most girls’ needs. It made of durable polyamide with leather trim. It is practical because of its size, material and the zip closure as well as being pretty and whimsical. In other words, it is a perfect combination for a young girl.

A boy would love the Leather Detail Nylon Backpack in parade red, as it combines the stunning designer looks with practicality of an excellent and versatile bag.

Clothing Designers Emphasize Designer Wallpaper

No well-designed interior is complete without wallpaper. Unlike paint, wallpaper lets you play with textures and patterns as well as colors. A beautifully designed house makes a statement about your personality, much like the choice of designer clothes or a designer handbag would. Wallpaper is also the best way to draw attention to a particular room or part of the room. You do not need much furniture to do this. As a matter of fact, with some designer wallpapers, furniture is entirely optional.

There are many wallpaper designers and many designs of wallpaper. The choice is almost endless. Unsurprisingly, there are a couple of names that even those with no knowledge of home design will recognize. These names are fashion icons, known to anyone with any interest in fashion. Ralph Lauren is one, as are Vivienne Westwood and Christian Lacroix.Christian Lacroix wallpaper designs are reminiscent of his clothing lines, opulent and flamboyant. There are many colors to choose from, from the darkest black to the most vibrant yellow. Lacroix designs come in two lines; the very flamboyant Carnets Andalous is one. All of these are patterned, some using abstract shapes, some geometrical figures, some even butterflies. All of the colors are crisp and vibrant. These designs would be perfect on a small wall area with very little furniture. The Air De Paris line is just as flamboyant, employing images of maps, intersecting lines and classic flower patterns.

Ralph Lauren designs draw inspiration from romantic florals as well as boating themes in their Family Places line. This line is luxurious and represents the timeless designs of Ralph Lauren.

For a more expensive and simple look, the Haberdashery line is the perfect choice. Its inspiration came from classic men’s clothing – Glen plaids, paisleys, shirting stripes and herringbone. The elegant simplicity of this line makes it work well for large airy rooms.

The Lancaster Damasks is a playful line of textured damasks. The inspiration is drawn from romantic and everyday objects, such as bouquets and arabesques, as well as equestrian themes. These lush wall coverings are perfect for any warm, snug room, such as a study or the bedroom.

Vivienne Westwood’s designs have a modern, contemporary feel. She uses fairly simple patterns and irregularly placed colors as well as simple floral designs to great effect. These wall coverings could be used in almost any room with both modern and classic furniture.

Whichever wallpaper you choose, you will know that you are getting the best design and the best materials. These wallpapers are a great choice for any fashion minded person.

Can Local Clothes Designers Go International

A question that lurks in the minds of local clothes designers is that whether they can showcase their designs on an international standards. Well, a dream for every designer, to become the likes of big shots in designer world, the question is quite appealing. Ask any designer student and you will see the bright blush in her or his eyes about going international with their designs!

Nevertheless, a small analysis shows that though expensive, yet there are chances for a particular designer to go international. Several local clothing stores do a wonderful business and they also come up with amazing designs, never seen before. You walk down the New York street or Manhattan street, you will come across about a dozen of local clothing stores with amazing designs of clothes, designed by local designers. So what takes a local designer to go international.

The main challenge is the involvement of huge amounts of money. If a person has money and skills, then he or she surely hits big international. The cost of an international launch may vary any where between 1 million to 3 million. Excellent showcasing, proper advertising, proper presentation, all these surely eats up a lot of dollars. So does that mean that if a person has about a million, can he or she become international designers?

Well, apart from having huge amounts of dollars, its also equally important to have the right skill set. Someone might just say that on the top, there might not be much competition. Well, this is a great myth. On the top international level, there is heavy competition and hence awesome skill set is required. At least money can be arranged by someone sponsoring you etc, however skill set of a designer is something within him or her. That cannot be bought or provided by someone else.

So its no big deal hitting international if you got the right talent and huge pocket! And if you got these two, just go for the big game!